Observatory Gabriel

Get ready for the Greening the Islands Observatory, a “think-tank” to help promote island sustainability through ongoing, structured research and analysis looking into island needs across different sectors, starting with energy, water and mobility.

The Observatory will map the most sustainable and innovative solutions, trends on technologies and costs, providing key information to develop strategies and plans. The initiative meets the growing interest in the sustainability of small islands as expressed by the COP21 conference and the European Union island meeting in Malta last year.

Governments, international Institutions, industry associations, companies and other island stakeholders are invited to join the Observatory and be part of a permanent Scientific Committee that will work to identify needs and solutions for islands in respect of environmental, landscape, geomorphological and social diversity.

The Observatory will report on the existing situation and monitor islands’ transition towards sustainability, while supporting the implementation and development of decarbonisation plans by local administrations. It will analyse existing permitting processes as well as industrial policies to favour investments in innovative solutions on islands and promote the best conditions for efficient project bankability, through co-operation between local government and business.

The results of the Observatory will be available through regular reports, with the first annual report to be presented at the Greening the Islands Conference in 2019.

Greening the Islands Observatory is the best way to keep track of trends and opportunities to make islands sustainable, resilient and competitive. Join the Observatory and take part in its first operative meeting during the 5th Greening the Islands International Conference (Menorca, 17-18 May 2018).

For information on how to get involved, please write to observatory@greeningtheislands.net.