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Terna Energy Solution

Predisposition, on behalf of Terna Energy Solution, of the technical-economic programs for the modernization of the electricity grids for the islands of Pantelleria and Giglio.

On behalf of Terna Energy Solution, identification on the island of Pantelleria of potential projects for renewable source plants, feasibility analysis, preliminary design, analysis of authorization processes and costs.

Giglio Island
Pantelleria Island

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Region Sicily

Report for the Region Sicily on its minor islands on sustainable projects for energy, water, mobility and waste, containing an overview of the existing projects,
identification of the most innovative sustainable solutions, and an economic analysis of the necessary investments.

Technical, legal and economic due diligence for a buyer, finalized the acquisition of an existing photovoltaic green-house located in the Sicilian Region.

Sicily minor islands

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Favignana Island

Support to the development of a new business strategy of the company responsible for the production, distribution and sale of electricity on the Island of Favignana: technical analysis and selection of possible initiatives for the sustainability of the island, scenario of development of renewable energy in the local electricity system, study of possible corporate structures for investments in the renewable energy sector, definition of commercial offers drafts.

Favignana Island

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Global Solar Council

GSC Logo

Management of the activities of the Global Solar Council, including policy positions,
market intelligence, technology innovation, climate action (UNFCCC Marrakech
Partnership, COP26) and communications. GSC is the global association of the solar
energy industry with industry associations and corporate members from all over the
world, with focus on developed as well as emerging markets (Southeast Asia, Africa,
Latin America).

Others developed activities

Training seminars on the subject of renewable sources and energy saving, including specific training session among which:

  • TGCG has held a workshop for the creation of a local Renewable Energy Competence Centre for Libya. The focus of the workshop, held in Tunisia and supported by the St. John’s Competence Centre, was on energy transition plan and the grid modernization.

  • TGCG has provided training services, on behalf of Green Power Conferences Ldt., to the IKEA headquarter for the development of a strategy and business model on solar PV.

Scientific support in the organization of numerous events on the topic of renewable sources and sustainability in the islands, in collaboration with Greening the Islands:

  • conferences
  • workshops
  • seminars 

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