The Green Consulting Group

A company with a high level of expertise in various sectors of the green economy.

Our Mission

WE believe

in integrating the different sectors of the green economy and putting islands forward as laboratories for combatting climate change.

WE support

energy saving and the protection of water and other natural resources.

WE work

for sustainable growth by originating and developing the most advanced technical solutions.

WE promote

knowledge about energy and the environment through conferences, seminars and workshops.

Meet our Team of experts

The Green Consulting Group support the implementation of “green” projects

by focusing on innovation, quality, and cost optimization.

We imagine a world made of sustainable, self-sufficient, interconnected and resilient communities.

Added Values

A broad, integrated and crosscutting offer of services

Expertise and proficiency in the Green Energy and Environment

Focus on islands and remote locations. Consolidated global network of island stakeholders

A unique Partner
for all your needs
(budget efficiency)

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